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Northampton County DUI charges require an attorney knowledgeable in Northampton County’s procedures. In Northampton County, unlike other counties, your ARD options are very limited. In most instances, the district attorney‘s policies (such as no ARD if your BAC is over .30) will not be broken, absent special circumstances. What this means is that if you get ARD, you will probably get it with the license suspension applicable to whatever DUI tier you are charged. The DUI GUY and his team of DUI attorneys can help you!

In second and third offense DUI cases, unlike other counties, Northampton County does not offer a full term of house arrest. Some jail time will probably be offered as part of the plea bargain. Your attorney needs to know what programs are available and what ways you can possibly save your job and avoid incarceration!

Weather at the preliminary hearing, or in Easton Pennsylvania, you need in Easton DUI attorney who knows the ropes. The judges in the court of common pleas in Easton are very particular with the way DUI cases are handled. You need a DUI lawyer experienced in Northampton County.

Whether your case originated in Forks Township, Palmer Township, Moore township, Bushkill Township, Plainfield Township, Mount Bethel, Saucon Valley, Hellertown, Nazareth, Allen Township, Hanover Township, Williams Township, Bethlehem, or Easton, you need someone familiar with all the district justices and the judges of the common pleas court.

Here is a list to of the District Courts and Judges in Northampton County:

The DUI GUY - Attorney Paul Aaroe

The DUI GUY - Attorney Paul Aaroe