Do I need a lawyer for a first offense DUI in Pennsylvania?

Yes and No.

Yes (and no. Read on... )

I was looking through the cases listed for trial in one of the local counties in which I practice and I was astounded at the number of people on the list who were denied ARD or who had been removed from the ARD program who did not have an attorney. In 24 pages, there were 17 people without attorneys who were now faced with the difficult decision of pleading guilty or going to trial. (In some counties, that decision, by the way, will be asked of them in front of a judge, with two assistant district attorney standing next to them and sheriffs officers behind them, and they will not have time to ask for a postponement of the case or to speak with an attorney.)

If they plead guilty, most DUI’s carry a mandatory minimum jail time and license suspension. Unless your blood alcohol content was less than a 0.10%. You will go to jail! Without an attorney advise you, you do not know whether should plead guilty or whether an assistant district attorney will give you a plea-bargain, which they might, after an experienced DUI attorney negotiates on your behalf.

People often ask me if I think they will get ARD. If they are eligible for the ARD program, what I tell them is that if they follow my directions, and don’t get any new charges, I will be able to walk them through the difficult maze of requirements to complete the program. (If you don’t get the program, you will have a criminal record for 10 years, probably go to jail, and probably have a license suspension of at least one year!)

Do you need an attorney for a first offense DUI Pennsylvania? No. You need the DUI Guy, Attorney Paul Aaroe, the attorney that doctors, lawyers and even prosecutors call when they need advice on DUI law. 

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