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All Pennsylvania counties are different in how they handle DUI cases. Lehigh County has special procedures and policies that your attorney needs to know about! First of all, there is one assistant district attorney who controls the disposition of your case. A good relationship with that ADA is imperative. The DUI GUY and his team of DUI attorneys can help you!

Currently, there is one judge who handles all DUI cases in Lehigh County, Judge Maria Dantos. Knowing what she will and will not do in your particular circumstance is imperative to knowing how to handle your case. As an example, if you have more than one DUI over 10 years old, Judge Dantos will be looking to incarcerate you in some manner. Knowing how to avoid this incarceration is your attorneys job!

Also, in second offense DUI’s and third offense DUI’s, Lehigh County Courthouse may allow house arrest in certain circumstances if you know how to get it!

The DUI GUY Attorney Paul Aaroe

The DUI GUY Attorney Paul Aaroe