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Carbon County DUI cases - The DUI GUY - Attorney Paul Aaroe

Carbon County DUI cases are different than every other county. Being a very rural county, everyone seems to know everybody else in Carbon County. There are only four judges in the Court of Common Pleas and they deal with the Carbon County attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys on a daily basis.

In order for you to be fairly treated, you need a Carbon County DUI lawyer familiar with Carbon County‘s procedures and respected by Carbon County‘s judges and District Attorney. You need an attorney who knows that won the case comes to the preliminary hearing, there will be an assistant district attorney there. That assistant district attorney needs to know that you are not a bad person and that you should be given some consideration. In addition, that assistant district attorney needs to know that if he or she is not fair with your case, that they will be up against competent counsel - the DUI Guy‘s!

Having experience in county’s from Philadelphia to Carbon gives us the ability to know what different avenues and defenses are available to our clients. Don’t settle for the attorney who’s having lunch with your adversary! Call the DUI Guy‘s. (610) 559-7401.